Vishwa Solution

Vishwa Bookshop Management System is a Powerful complete Bookshop management System Designed for covering all activities of a Bookshop. A Handy tool user friendly system help you to manage item stock, sales and transactions smoothly and easily from a one Location. It creates a smooth running environment in your Business location. With this software you can manage your shop under a one person. You can reduce human recourses and increase growth of your Business.


    How Do you

  • How do you control stock items ?
  • How do you control stock wastage Items ?
  • How do you control Re-Order Items ?
  • How do you manage dailly expenses ?
  • How do you manage dailly income ?

    Key Business Benefits of Vishwa Pharmacy System

  • Improved your Customer Service and Satisfaction
  • Lower operating cost in your business
  • Higher Operational Efficiency
  • Reduction in fraudulent returns
  • Analyze your competition and strategies to win against them
  • Get accurate information to take critical business decisions.
  • Configure to suit your business process, policies and operating procedures.
Vishwa Solution